Saturday, May 17, 2014

Pepper Power's Paw Walk Forecast.

Pepper Power On.

Today's paw walk forecast called for me leaving a mess on the front doorstep rug that meant it was hauled away to the garbage can.  Guess you can't toss a wool rug into the washing machine, as I've been told many times today.  At least the lamp and floorboard didn't have to be tossed out, they got scrubbed off instead.  Sorry Mom, I'd only been out twice that morning and you were only gone 30 minutes, but I had to explode.  You did get to knock out one of your household chores at 8 am by mopping the house.

Off to take a nap.  It's 68 and "sprinkling" outside.  Who wants to deal with that at mid day?

Pepper Power Off.
Wet Dog Alert.


  1. Jus one lil dog makes all that mess fur yur Mom?
    Yu've got talent!

  2. Congrats, I has nominated ya for a Liebster Award - ya can check it out here: Ya can play along if ya wants, but no pressure, da award are yours anyways.