Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Pepper Power On.

Pepper Power On.

Today's paw walk forecast calls for more rain here in the Pacific Northwest.  Our hearts go out to the community of Darrington and Oso where a slide wiped out an entire neighborhood.  We live in the south part of Snohomish county, but Mom grew up in about the middle of the county and has been to both towns.  Heavy rain predicted for Darrington tonight, and hopefully the rain will let up until Friday like the weatherperson (who Mom swears is a habitual liar) predicts.  Friday will be raining again into Saturday and up north it has a different weather pattern, but I do know they have a lot more moss growing on trees and in the grass.  My wet frizzy ears would tell me that means they get more rain than we do.

Meanwhile tree pollen is high so Mom has been sniffing and occasionally explodes from her nose.  Or something along those lines.  Sometimes it lasts just once and sometimes she walks up and down the hall trying to curse but she just honks out through her nose.  I've seen Misty do this as well, so that may explain why she and Misty are so "protective" of each other.  Digusterrrrring if you ask me.

Here is what the weather looked like off the back yard tonight.  It was raining very hard even though you can't see it, but it's only 5:30 pm.
It's much darker and stormy than it looks.
Really windy too.

The sun is out in the front yard as the sun is setting.  However still pouring down rain.

Yep, still pouring down rain.  Those trees aren't blurry back there for a reason.

AHHHHH!!!  Look what the rain drags in.
Lucy the garage kitteh.

That's what we have.  Spring rain and finally in the upper 40's at least...until Mother Nature decides to mess with our garden and Mom again.  She still has plants that are popping up she refuses to pull the mulch off because there will be that "cold / snow / heavy frost snap".

Pepper Power Off.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

One of Those Days.

Pepper Power On.

After spending a good part of the day snoopervising Mom work in the yard we are now snoopervising her work around the house.

It all started with this you see.

Nothing going on over this direction.

Nothing going over in this direction either.

Maybe if I check to see if my eyes are clean things might change.

Hey you!  You are upside down.

Nope, you are still upside down.
And then out of the corner of my eye I catch Scooter doing this.

Lazy dog with attitude.

So I gave him one of these right back.  

I give you all one too, because you are still all upside down.  
All in all, Pepper Power's paw walk forecast was for a day spent in the yard, causing trouble with all the other neighbor dogs on the other side of fences, drinking lots of water, enjoying the fresh smells in the breeze blowing by.  We're at 60 paw walking degrees in the sun and it feels great.  Headed back into the normal rain and spring weather for the Pacific Northwest starting tomorrow evening.  It was fun while it lasted. 
Pepper Power Off.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Pepper's Paw Walk Forecast.

Pepper Power On.

Today's paw walk forecast calls for "perfectly timed" rain.  I'll bet all you pups want to know what "perfectly timed" rain is don't you.  Sure you do, pull up some rug and we'll explain it to you.

Morning during Privacy Please Time™, rain.
Morning during Mom's drive to work, rain.

Rain stops.

Lunchtime, rain.

Rain stops.

4:30 pm, rain.
After work Privacy Please Time™, heavy rain (with a mix of ice rain).
Evening Privacy Please Time™, rain.

Yep, still watching it rain.  *Sigh*
Pepper Power Off.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Gutter Washer!

Pepper Power On.

Well those of you that know me, know I have to talk about the weather.  Boy howdy this week has been stormy for the Pacific Northwest.  While most of you pups have been living in Mother Nature's armpit this winter with all the snow, snow, snow, freezing, more freezing, more snow followed by more freezing.  We up here in Seattle have been laying low not wanting to remind all the other pups out there we've kind of been in the normal temps for our area, but not so much grey skies that we are used to.  Instead we have puffy clouds and sunshine.

No longer the case.  All the rain we didn't get in February decided to arrive starting on Sunday.  Today we have a day off with some more puffy clouds and clear skies, but *cue dark scary music* tomorrow before it will be back and ramp up all the afternoon long.  Look out to the east of us over the mountains (sorry Zoe suffering from what we PNW pups deal with from November to July. BOL), it will hit you late afternoon.  Our weather forecast calls for "a juicy band of clouds headed our way".  Sounds miserable, but the perfect weather to build a fire and take a nap all day long.
Mom will you throw on some hotdogs for us please.
Pepper Power Off.