Thursday, February 26, 2015

A New Angel Crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Pepper Power On.

Today's Paw Walk Forecast calls for the perfect weather with a light breeze bringing in good sniffing activities for the nose.

Perfect Pepper Power Sniffing Spot.

Mr. Cutter and I "discussing" who should be on top of the couch.

Look up pups, I'm up here mixed in with the wispy clouds.  See me up there?  I'm an Angel now.  I crossed over the Rainbow Bridge the day before my 9th woofday.  Over the course of the previous week my kidneys failed and there was nothing to do about it.  (I can't really put a good spin on this because it was so sudden and unexpected.  The test results that came back just spelled out failure, the other testing and dialysis option for no other promise than "that's the next step", but most of all the look in her eyes made my decision for me).

So the PapillonPack™ is down one key member:

The "Happiest Dog" in the universe.  Always a smile on her face and happy all the time.
The "Bossy Britches" of the house.
The "Nurse Nanny" that had to be there no matter what, and make sure that squeaky noise wasn't a dog, but just the rocking chair.
The "Crooner" with her OoooHHoooooHHhrrrGGGGGrrrrgggggGGGgggrrrr's.
The "Alternative Housekeeping"; after all who knew the bed shouldn't be made every day and the throw rugs shouldn't be flat, but hunched in a ball?
The "Nose of Invasion" that could slice through 3 other Papillons with her bulk, height, brashness and long nose to ensure first dibs on food, love and attention.  Have an unoccupied hand, she found it.

Random pictures of Pepper Power and the PapillonPack™.

My first year in my new forever home with Mr. Cutter.
I have freckles, he has cutter-stach.  BOL

Moonlight, Papillon, Perfect Setting.

Pepper helped me paint the wall and trim work.  

Snooze time

Pepper Power Paws at rest.

Scooter and I on guard duty.

BOOOOO!!!  Are you scared?

Always Alert

Chilling on the deck.

Did you say SNACK?

Definition of "Smirk".
Is that YOU?

B-A-T-H TIME Z-O-O-M-I-E-S!!!!!


Hey Mom

Don't Sneeze Into the Wind.


Sprinkler System.

And that, my pup pals is how I would like you to remember me.

Pepper Power.

Keep Your Tails Wagging,
Your Ears Always Up and
Your Nose Sniffing Into the Wind.

Pepper Power Out.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

Pepper Power On.

I hope you had something tasty today too.

Pepper Power Off.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Pepper Power's Paw Walk Forecast.

Pepper Power On.

Last Sunday's forecast called for amazingly clear skies, yet we all got soaking wet.  Yes, we are talking the dreaded B-A-T-H!!  Torture, I don't care what those crazy Westies Whitely or Finley in Texas try and tell you.  They are Terriers for cripes sake.  Terra meaning from the earth.  Not Aquarriers meaning from the water.  BOL.

So this is what it looks like after I get out of the B-A-T-H.  It's not pretty and precautions have to be taken to keep the inside of the house getting a good shower as well.  BOL.

Please those of you that are squeamish, you might want to just go eat some kibble or take a PepperPowerPowerNap™.

Rub to the left.

Mid Flop

Rub to the right.

Flop to the left.


Back to the left.

Back to the right.

Toss it all about.

I'm looking at you.


Outside for some more shaking.

Put all your effort into it.

Shake from the top.

All the way to the bottom.

Scooter approves of my technique.

Make yourself smell like a dog again.

Stop.  Drop.  Roll.
Horrible huh pups!!

Pepper Power Off.

PS.  Sorry pups for the lack of any fun over the summer.  We'll try and be better, but know that we do keep up with our pup friends blogs.  Even if Mom is lame and can't muster up the energy to make any comments.  We've all had a stern growling at her and she promises to be better.  We ♥ all of our pup pals and their families.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Pepper Power's Paw Walk Forecast.

Pepper Power On.

Today's paw walk forecast called for me leaving a mess on the front doorstep rug that meant it was hauled away to the garbage can.  Guess you can't toss a wool rug into the washing machine, as I've been told many times today.  At least the lamp and floorboard didn't have to be tossed out, they got scrubbed off instead.  Sorry Mom, I'd only been out twice that morning and you were only gone 30 minutes, but I had to explode.  You did get to knock out one of your household chores at 8 am by mopping the house.

Off to take a nap.  It's 68 and "sprinkling" outside.  Who wants to deal with that at mid day?

Pepper Power Off.
Wet Dog Alert.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Pepper Power On.

Pepper Power On.

Today's paw walk forecast calls for a bit of a forced shower.  As in BATH.

Allow me to walk you through the stages of a BATH.

 I'm always the last one because I am also the most dramatic one.

Spin Cycle.

Shimmey, Shimmey, Shimmey.

I'll bet you think this is in slow motion huh!

Ready to flip.








Vocal Opinion!!!!!!!!



Shake your Bootie.

Shake your Bootie.

Shake it like you just don't care.

Shake it.

Then look casual.

Try and walk it off.

Get the "spins" from Zoomies around the yard.

Not sure which way my feet should be.

And then I snuck in the house to the couch and dried off even more.  No time for those pictures though I guess.  BOL.

Pepper Power Of.